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Positioners and Pads

Gel Head Positioners

Adult Gel Chest Rolls

Gel Foot, Heel, Knee & Stirrup Protection

Gel Operating Table Pads

Gel Arm & Elbow Protection

Pediatric / Infant Gel Chest Rolls

Gel Contoured Positioners & Gel Sandbags

Traditional & Gel Bean Bag Positioners

Gel Specialty Pads

Bean Bag Options & Accessories

Foam O.R. Table Pads

Resposable Head/Prone/Heel Positioners

Gel / Bean Bag Repair Patches



Lift-Assisted Stirrups


Lift-Assisted Stirrups

Pediatric & Infant Stirrups

Basic Stirrups

Stirrup Accessories

Shoulder Positioning and Head Straps

Brace & Supports


Head & Chin Straps

Hip Positioning and Spine Frames

Hip Positioners

Spinal Frames

Spinal Frame Accessories

Knee and Leg Positioning

Knee Positioning

Knee Positioning Accessories

Leg Positioning

Leg Positioning Accessories

Hand and Arm

Foam Reusable Armboard Pads


Arm Shields

Arm & Hand Surgery Tables

Peg Boards & Accessories

Peg Boards and Overlays


Clamps and extenders

Patient Transfer Equipment

Patient Roller Boards

Roller Board Accessories

Standard Transfer Boards

Transfer Board Accessories

Patient Restraints


Velcro and Pads

Side Rails Sockets/Clamps

Side Rails Sockets/Clamps

Foot Board and Table Width Extension

Foot Board

Table Extensions

Urology Frame & Drapes

Urology Frame & Drapes

Anesthesia Screens

Anesthesia Screens

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